I really want someone. Someone who I can be myself around, completely silly or completely serious. A person who will laugh along at my stupidest jokes or hold me when I’m sad. A person to go out and walk around the city with, going wherever we please, or just stay at home with and watch movies all night. We’ll eat whatever we want and sleep whenever we want. Just be there for each other. Just someone to love.

Kiss her body in ways that’ll just make her quiver, from head to toe.
Make her feel like there’s no other in this world that’ll make you as happy as she does.
Love and care for her with every vein and bone in your body.
Surprise her occasionally by sending flowers and/or gifts just to let her know she’s on your mind.
Remind her of how gorgeous you think she is, how amazing her smile is, her laugh, her voice, or that cute little thing she does that irritates you but you can’t live with out.
Make it your business to make sure she’s okay when you know that something’s wrong.
Before someone else does.
Be there for her when she needs a shoulder to cry on.
Point out things that you just find imperfectly perfect, and tell her.
Tell her how important she is to you. Especially on days when she feels like she’s not.
Treat her the way you want to be treated.
― Mean it (via sammysohomo)


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Everyone’s fucked up. You’ve just gotta decide what kinda fucked up you’re into.
― Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)


I don’t think this song will ever stop fucking me up.

wow, I was just listening to this yesterday

lostsoullex: we're cousins dude, #JEXFOREVER

oh, NOW we’re cousins? fuck that. #jexforNEVER


dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son